Are we often in a hurry to get to our destination? Think about it. What is the final destination in life? Are we really in a hurry to get there?

Take the time to enjoy the journey, the experiences and form bonds with the people with whom we come across.

When I used to drive with family across the country, I used to keep an eye on the speedometer and clock to see whether we were on track with respect to arrival time. Looking back, that was a waste. We needed time to enjoy the fruit stalls and play areas in between.

Similarly, many people work hard so they can enjoy their retirement years. They don’t realise that they are losing the best years of their health. Spend time for yourself NOW on your personal interests when you are healthy. I know of someone who took a job overseas after reaching his retirement age as the pay was very lucrative. Unfortunately, he had a heart-attack and never got to actually retire.

 Enjoy this time with your family. Don’t wait until the children are grown up and don’t have much time for you. When you spend time with them when they are young, they will spend time with you when they are older. It is a blessing to be able to enjoy the fruit of our labour.

Enjoy your journey in life!